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We partner with community educators to offer rich and relevant learning experiences.


education doesn’t have to be expensive, irrelevant, and isolating


you matter and your education should, too

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Education is an act of social change when it comes directly from the community to serve the community

We offer classes, workshops, and certificates with community-based instructors that meet your needs and are integrated into your life through face-to-face, hybrid, and online instructional platforms.

All courses include relevant field work, allowing students to bring their background and interests into their learning.

Courses offered for undergraduate and graduate college credit as well as Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


This course provides both high school students and educators a theoretical and practical review of Project Based Learning. The course is designed for students who are exploring ways to engage in Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Service Learning as pathways to gain and teach  a variety literacies grounded in the liberal arts (Social Science, Natural Science, Humanities, and Arts and Creativity and Practical Mathematics)

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This course of study may lead to the completion of a Certificate in Restorative Practices. It is designed for students who are interested in gaining an educational and pedagogical foundation in Restorative Practices and Trauma-Informed Education.

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educational leadership

This course of study may lead to a School Principal or Teacher Leader Certificate of study (not a state endorsed license) that is designed for students who are performing as educators who are also assuming duties as a school leader and/or administrator.

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This course of study may lead to the completion of a Certificate in Critical Pedagogy and Sustainability, designed for students who are interested in gaining an educational and pedagogical foundation in relationship to sustainability.  

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who studies with us



Jumpstart your college education or prepare yourself for life after High School. If you are 16 years of age or older and committed to continuing you learning, you are eligible to enroll in credit-bearing courses and experiences.


Gap Year Students

Enrich your life by engaging in a depth and breadth of credit-bearing learning experiences that will enable you to have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to support a lifetime of discovery. These courses are often associated with immersive learning associated with travel and place-based learning and/or certificates with a strong focus and that last several months to a year.


Educators & Professionals

Engage in learning to complete a degree, to renew a license or certificate, and/or to make advancements in salary by gaining graduate and undergraduate credits or Continuing Education Units.


Lifelong Learners

Enhance your life with rich coursework where the teachers are the experts in the field. Take classes you have always dreamed of taking that guide you to places you only imagined you could go. Select from arts-based courses, classes that support you to explore the world of teaching and counseling, courses that teach you to build a school out of trash, or take you on a trip through a Central American village.

non-profit & community partners

We work with you to transform your programs and classes into credit-bearing courses and certificates.

Find out how to add new creative earned income streams and opportunities. We work with individuals, community-based agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions to design one-of-a-kind offerings that deliver your mission.


school for schools 

Are you a K-12 school superintendent, principal, or teacher?

Find out how Community Education can transform your Professional Development. Relevant courses can be taught on-site at your school to support Strategic Planning and the development of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).


what folks have to say

I appreciate all the help, time, and advice. Being a part of this program has really helped me develop the skills I needed to feel secure taking on this very important work.  Thanks again for everything!

Lisa, Dean of Instruction, Colorado / ICEA Student

I am truly grateful for this opportunity and am nearly in tears over the completion.  It has been a year of learning, change, and growth that has had a huge impact on all aspects of my life.  I appreciate what you have given to me as advocates, mentors, and teachers. I am inspired to write again and feel I have grown as a human.  Sat nam is a mantra that awakens your soul.  I feel this is an accurate way to describe the experience of ICEA.

Traci Schwarz / ICEA Student

Taking this class was a personal and professional highlight for me, for a number of reasons.  I was exposed to a number of techniques and perspectives that I use to great affect in the classroom.  The format, having high school students learn along side teachers in graduate school, supported the philosophy that carried consistently throughout the class, with everyone acting as both teacher and learner.  I often struggle with remote learning, but this class had a good balance of face to face meetings, rigorous work, and useful feedback.  I appreciated not having the “busywork” so common to online learning.  In its place was authentic learning from people near and far, young and old.

Chris Baron / ICEA Student

Well to start off when I first heard about the class my mind set was to take to just give me a chance to challenge myself. But when I started the class it was more then just that. It was a place where people who had an opinion and can have a conversation instead of an argument so to speak. I was also able to play a game that is called devils advocate when I felt like I wanted to hear more of a person opinion and I was able not to only understand them better but to reflect on my point of view as well. We even were able to look at how teachers prepare for lesson to teach the class and to see weather or not it’s a “good” or “bad” lesson plan when it comes to actually teaching kids something valuable. Overall the class was amazing and I would do it again and this time actually submit my work.

Justin Taylor / ICEA Student